About 4D Development & Investment

About 4D Development


4D is a real estate development company with offices in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. We specialize in commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects. For over a quarter of a century we have focused on identifying growing real estate markets throughout the country, while using our expertise to acquire, develop, and profitably manage our properties. We understand the value of having a national presence, and a commitment to local knowledge.

4D prides itself  on initiating market activity, rather than simply responding to it. The company identifies and targets the most effective development alternative for each commercial opportunity and then methodically plans and develops the project accordingly.

4D is capable of handling projects from inception through long-term management. By capitalizing on its experienced team and its hard working, detail oriented approach to business.

4D development has continued to identify attractive opportunities and conclude successful development despite recent economic challenges to the real estate industry. In this way, 4D has continued to achieve its development and investment in a variety of lucrative markets.

Founded in 1981, 4D Development has grown into a diverse real estate development company that specializes in commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects. A core team of experienced real estate development specialists helps ensure success in the dynamic and changing world of commercial real estate.

4D is structured to be fast and flexible without sacrificing quality. By consistently meeting its goals, 4D has earned a well-deserved reputation as an innovative company with an enviable track record and superior service.

"We strive to provide our associates with an environment that encourages individual achievement and fulfillment, and rewards superior team performance within an entrepreneurial culture."
CEO and Founder - David Pourbaba.

David Pourbaba
4d Development Ceo

Contact Details

8271 Melrose Ave., Suite 200,
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Telephone: 323-951-0242
FAX: 323-951-0239
E-mail: jerene@4ddevelopment.us
Website: www.4ddevelopment.us


Telephone: 323-951-0242
8271 Melrose Ave., Suite 200,
Los Angeles, CA 90046